Heichel - Schrobenhausen - 09-11-2017

Hi, I'm Yvonne from Germany and I heard the song with a friend: GIVE YOU Everything. Unfortunately, the text is neither on the Internet nor on the CD. I sing the song all day long in front of me, but I'm afraid not correct! đŸ€Ł Can someone help me with the text? Thanks a lot !!!!

EliasTucker - Mechanic Falls - 27-10-2017

Just came across your band on Spotify and I am already an instant fan. The blues are my favorite music by far. I love the way your band does it. Do you ever tour the United States? With our current idiot President, people in Europe must think that we are crazy! Believe me, my wife nor I voted for the imbecile! But, to get back to your music, it is clean and honest music. I love your voice Lisa.

Claus - Geyersdorf - 15-10-2017

👍👍👍 you win one more fan! 👍👍👍
Great music last night!

Lelle - Eskilstuna - 22-09-2017

Hej! Blev sÄ glad efter att sett er pÄ Tv.
Jag har botaniserat blues sedan slutet pÄ 80-talet (way back..) Gillar tidig rock och
Typ: Tom Waits,visor. Ni har nÄgot Àkta
o det Ă€r sĂ„ jĂ€kla kul att höra i dagens hit-factory era. 😊

Lars Olsson - Alfta - 20-09-2017

Tjena Bandet!
NÀr kommer ni till BollnÀs igen? Ni var hÀr 27/2-16 o bluesade "toppen bra", Ja köpte en skiva(When Money`s..) som ni singnade utom Du Lisa, vi snackade, Jag glömde,
men ja har eran guldpennan kvar.

Hubert Ermlich - Hannover - 05-09-2017

Hi Lisa , sorry I forget to thank you that you brought us Saturday to the Train Station in Lehrte ( I love you and your GPS :-) ) So I got my Train
right in Time ! Thanks for the wonderful Evening and the great Concert in Lehrte ! :-) :-) See you soon ! Hubert

Hubert Ermlich - Hannover - 04-09-2017

Dear Lisa and Family Band , thank you very much for your fantastic Concert last Saturday . It was really great !! I love you and your Music ! So I hope we see us soon
next Month and it will be another wonderful Evening with a great Concert again. You can write back if you like , so keep on (Blues)rocking , many Greetings from Hannover and take care ! Hubert

Helmut Kunkel - SaarbrĂŒcken/Völklingen - 20-08-2017

Thank you for an amazing morning and a wonderful evening! Hope to see you next year in SaarbrĂŒcken or Völklingen again.

Dirk SchĂ€fer - SaarbrĂŒcken - 14-08-2017

Hej min favorit Sverige,
man mÄste ha Àlskat dig enkel.
FortsÀtt pÄ detta sÀtt.
BĂ€sta hĂ€lsningar frĂ„n SaarbrĂŒcken

Vi ses i kvÀll igen :-)

Thomas Pelletier - SaarbrĂŒcken - 14-08-2017

Hello Friends

Great gig yesterday in SaarbrĂŒcken.
Best wishes for the future and come back !!!