Christian - Salzgitter - 16-02-2019

Hej, we have seen you yesterday in Wolfsburg and it was a very nice concert. Keep on rocking!

Morten Johnsen - Søgne - 05-02-2019

Jeg pratet med dere på Svalbard under Dark Season Blues Festival og så at jeg håpet dere kom en tur til Kristiansand på besøk hos den nye bluesklubben i byen, Christianssands Blues & Roots Club. Dere var veldig bra på Svalbard og jeg gleder meg til å se dere på Notodden i august. Men jeg har veldig lyst til å se dere i hjembyen min også. Håper vi ses her.

Morten Johnsen - London - 03-12-2018

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Matti - München - 10-11-2018

saw you at Möljä Blues Festival in Oulu, August 2018, you were really great! Lisa: fantastic voice, great mundharmonica I loved every minute of your show, you really got the people going! And the Base -Solo was something special, the best I´ve ever seen. I live in Munich and really hope to see you playing live here one day, the best Blues-Venue would be: Habach Village! How about it? Lücka till!
Anyways, all the best to you all! Blues will never die

uffe - longyearbyen - 24-10-2018

Kul att ni kommer till Longyear. Ska bli intressant att lyssna på er

Hubertus Günther - Essen - 07-10-2018


vilken kul kväll jag hade i Langenberg med väldigt bra blues music och sen tillsammans med pojkarna pa puben, tack för det. Hoppas vi träffas igen, kanske i Norrköping. Ha en kul gig i Kassel pa mandag.


Dennis Alexander - Beckum - 05-10-2018

Tonight in the Hot Jazz Club Münster, i could not come and i just heard the club is not so full with people, that's so sad because you are a really cool and great rocking band i think and Lisa is such a good singer and so hot too ;-) i hope you are having a good time and that more people will come to the club right now! Hope to have another chance to see you nex time somewhere nearby again! Enjoy your time, take care of yours and keep on keepin' on bluesin' 'n' rockin' the stages!!

Roger Johansson - ED - 03-12-2017

Vilken bra spelnig ni gjorde i Uddevalla igårkväll på bastionen den spelningen som lisa och gitarrist tillsammans med roffa w på blues at sea var också bra.

Heichel - Schrobenhausen - 09-11-2017

Hi, I'm Yvonne from Germany and I heard the song with a friend: GIVE YOU Everything. Unfortunately, the text is neither on the Internet nor on the CD. I sing the song all day long in front of me, but I'm afraid not correct! 🤣 Can someone help me with the text? Thanks a lot !!!!

EliasTucker - Mechanic Falls - 27-10-2017

Just came across your band on Spotify and I am already an instant fan. The blues are my favorite music by far. I love the way your band does it. Do you ever tour the United States? With our current idiot President, people in Europe must think that we are crazy! Believe me, my wife nor I voted for the imbecile! But, to get back to your music, it is clean and honest music. I love your voice Lisa.